Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Draft Evaluation 2

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

After looking at the UK tribe’s website, the social group and tribe that my audience would be apart of would be the ‘DIYers’ and the ‘Scenesters.’ They would be a part of the ‘DIYers’ as members of the tribe are creative, enjoy indie rock/pop music and music as a whole as they usually go to music festivals and concerts. This social group is represented within my magazine as the cover lines on the cover of the magazine say ‘Win gig tickets’, ‘Newest album reviews’ ‘Top 10 festival countdown for 2017’ and ‘Newest gig reviews’ all correlate to the ‘DIYers’ love of music festivals and gigs so this represents them as a social group within the audience for my magazine.

My audience would also be a part of the ‘Scenesters’ tribe and social group as ‘Scenesters’ are very artistic and have a love and appreciation for creative design which means they would appreciate the artistic elements to the layout of ‘AURA.’ So the design aesthetics of ‘AURA’ represents ‘Scenesters’ as a social group and members of the audience. ‘Scenesters’ also have a very creative and artistic eye when it comes to their choice of clothing so the styling and clothing of ‘Blair Spencer’ represents the social group of ‘Scenesters’ as she was styled in artistic abstract clothing and also styled with a colourful holographic body art sequins on her face and neck.   This represents the ‘Scenesters’ social group as they would have a liking towards the imaginative and original design of the body sequins and the patterned clothing as well as the patterned background images of my magazine which correlates to into their characteristic of having an artistic sense of mind.

Another social group that ‘AURA’ represents is the ‘indie’ social group, this is because my audience would be males and females ages 16-25 within those tribes that are also part of the ‘indie’ social group. The ‘indie’ social group consists of usually young adults both genders who stereotypically dress in the ‘indie’ style of clothing and listen to indie rock/pop. The ‘indie’ social group is made up of people who aspire to be different and the opposite of mainstream in terms of fashion and music tastes so they like to think of themselves as edgy and creative because they go against social and societal norms. I know this because myself and my friends fit into this social group so I know how to represent the ‘indie’ social group in my magazine which I have successfully achieved. A way that I have accomplished representing this group in my magazine is by the clothing and outfits that are worn in my magazine as they fit the style of ‘indie’ clothing so this represents the social group. The outfits the musicians are wearing in the images thought out my magazine are stereotypically very relatable to what people in the ‘indie’ social group wear so, this represents the group as it is presenting their style of clothing and identifying that the social group emphases and relies on as their identity as a social group on. By having ‘AURA’ as an indie rock/pop magazine this is also representing the ‘indie’ social group as the group listens to and has a love for this genera of music.

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