Thursday, 23 March 2017

Draft Evaluation 3

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Condé Nast would be the distributer of my magazine 'AURA' as they have published other magazines in the category my magazine would fit into. Condé Nast is an American mass media company founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose Nast it is based at One World Trade Centre and owned by Advance Publications. The company has more than 164 million customers across its 20 brands and ownerships. They have published magazines like Vogue, GQ, VanityFair and many other high end fashion magazines. These magazines are very well known and successful worldwide which has made Condé Nast a global mass media company. This means it would have a lot of money to publish my magazine and send it out to be marketed in stores and sold globally just like the other magazines it publishes. Because the company was founded in 1909, it would have already made so many synergy partnerships with other companies to distribute the magazines it publishes, so my magazine would have a extremely high chance of being on the shelves in main-stream everyday stores and newsstands which gives it a higher chance of being sold. Even though the magazines Condé Nast distribute are not music based, my indie rock/pop music magazine would fit into the publishing company as the existing magazines and my magazine both have artistic elements and focus on design aesthetics as well as its main feature (e.g. music or fashion.) Condé Nast is known for publishing magazines that are creative and ‘different’ and heavily inspired by art in terms of design just like my magazine is. I wanted 'AURA' to have an artistic approach for presenting an indie rock/pop music which I have achieved so this means it fits into the category of having Condé Nast as 'AURA's distributer.

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