Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Draft Evaluation 4

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 4:Who would be the audience for your media product?

My target audience would be males and females in the age range 16-25 who have adopted the ‘indie’ style within their music taste as well as their clothing and lifestyle choice. They would listen to indie rock/pop as that is what music magazine ‘AURA’. This age range would be familiar with the publishing company Conde Nast which would publish ‘AURA’ as the company already publishes other well-known and popular magazines that cater towards that age range. This means the audience would trust that ‘AURA’ would be a good magazine as they would already trust Conde Nast due to its high profile and world-wide recognition as a publishing company so they would trust its judgement into producing ‘AURA’.  

Stereotypically people who listen to indie rock/pop wear and are fond of the ‘indie’ style of clothing so my audience would fit this stereotype. They would want to express their creativity by their fashion and they would always want to look different but trendy at the same time. Their favourite items of clothing or design feature for both males and females would be ripped jeans, leather jackets, Doc Martins, studded embellishments, dark colours, band merchandise and anything with creative and different patterns and textures. Their favourite shops would be Topshop/Topman, Urban Outfitters, Blue Banana, Voodoo, and many other highstreets shops but they would buy the most ‘edgiest’ clothing in those shops and also buy band merchandise from their favourite indie rock/pop bands. From the online UK Tribe website, they would fit into tribes of ‘DIYers’ as they are creative and a love for Indie rock/pop music and they would also fit into the ‘Scenesters’ tribe too as ‘Scenesters’ love to be edgy and they have a love for being different and they would appreciate the design elements of ‘AURA’ as they apprise artistic textures and colours just like in the clothing they wear. They also want to be different from the mainstream crowd and indie rock/pop isn’t mainstream at all so they would have a fondness of that genera of music as well as ‘DIYers’. This means my audience would be a mixture of these the two tribes.

My target audience would also be mixed ethnicities as well as different genders as ‘Indie’ males and females can commonly be a mix of all kinds of different ethnicities. This means that on every monthly issue there will be a mixture of male and female musicians and bands as well as a mixture of musicians with different ethnicities. This keeps the different genders and ethnicities within the ‘indie’ social group relating to the magazine and feel included within its style and featuring musicians and bands in the magazine which will increase the sales of ‘AURA’.

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