Monday, 20 March 2017

Draft Evaluation 5

EVALUATION ACTIVITY 5: How did you attract/address your audience?
Name of magazine
The title of 'AURA' is very unique and memorable compared to other music magazines, it is different to magazine titles that are obviously about music such as 'Sounds' and 'Melody Maker' as it is more creative and different like the magazine titles 'Clash' and 'Mojo' which are less obvious music magazine titles but the audience can still tell it is a magazine representing the music genera. I gave 'AURA' its name as an Aura is a distinctive atmosphere or mood that is generated from a person, thing or music so the audience knows my magazine would be about music but it is still intriguing  what style of music it features so this would attract attention as the audience would then read the cover to subconsciously know what style of music magazine 'AURA' is.

Artist and Band Names
The artist and band names that feature in 'AURA' are on the cover of it which tells the audience what style of music 'AURA' is about. The artist band names I chose are well known or some up-and-coming in the indie rock/pop genera with clearly states to the audience that my magazine is presenting indie pop/rock. This attracts the audience as they might know some of the names of the artist s and bands so they might want to find out why they are being featured in the magazine which will encourage them to buy it.

Persuasive taglines
The persuasive taglines on the magazine attracts the audience’s attention and convinces them to buy the magazine as they are all music related which fits the genera of the magazine being an indie rock/pop magazine so the audience would want to find out more about what is featured in the ‘AURA’ if like indie rock/pop music which then leads them into buying the magazine. I also added a single ‘bubble’ around specific cover line which is effective and impactful as it highlights the persuasive text even more and draws in the audience’s attention more to the magazine and encourage them to buy the magazine.

Direct mode of address for images
The cover image on my magazine has direct mode of address which means the musician on the cover is looking directly at the audience in the eye no matter what position or angle the audience is looking at the magazine cover from. This is done by the musician looking straight into the eyes of the camera when the photo was being taken. This is effective as the image straight away grabs the audience’s attention as it looks like the musician on the cover is looking directly at them personally which then makes the audience look at the cover of the magazine as a whole and gives them more of a chance of noticing the magazine on the magazine stand which increases the chance of them buying the magazine.

Colour Schemes
I array of colours and textured images that I used throughout my magazine are very effective as they are very vibrant and bold which creates an impact on the audience as it shows that the design and layout of ‘AURA’ is very creative and art-inspired which I want ‘AURA’ to connote as it makes the magazine stand out and different from other indie rock/pop magazines already on the market.
The colour scheme on the cover page is very broad but effective as I used vibrant pastel colours for the textured background image and then a bright wide spectrum of colours for the cover image of the musician which creates a nice contrast against the pastel background. The colours on the background image all fade into each other well and the colours on the cover image are very bold and contrasting, the entire combination of all the colours together are successful as it connotes a creative and artistic aesthetic to ‘AURA’ which adds another element to my magazine so it doesn’t look boring or unmemorable as it presents indie rock/pop music to the audience as it stands out against other music magazines on the market.
The colour scheme on my contents page makes me think of space as the colours and textures of the background image have purples, blues, greens and pinks with white speckles in it, the colours all fade into each other these colours and textured of the background image evokes an artistic point of view to the design aesthetic what expresses a psychedelic and imaginative impression on the audience. I also included black and white images on the contents page as well as black text and the classic black and white monochrome colours connotes a modern and clean design to the overall aesthetics of the page. The black and white shades contrast against the colourful background image and they also contrast against each other from to being the very lightest shade and the very darkest shade, which makes the pallet a gender-neutral which is successful as I want the audience of ‘AURA’ to be both genders so this attracts males and females to my magazine which increases numbers of sales of ‘AURA’ if they would like to read about indie rock/pop music.

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